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If You Are Willing and Obedient

How do we go from strength to strength in Christ? How do we enjoy the blessings promised in advancing His kingdom? It all starts with willful obedience.

How To Advance God's Assignment In Your Life

Prayer and being diligent is vital to advancing the call of God over your life. Cliff unpacks five key practical points.

What Is Possible If You Believe

Honesty with God is key in your relationship with Him. Cliff shares on how we can, in relational honesty with God, reach what God has in store for us as believers. 

Attending to God's Assignment

As followers of Christ, we have a divine assignment. Cliff teaches how to stay on the course to fulfilling your assignment.

A Christmas Message: Do Not Fear

The angels told Mary and Joseph not to fear, Cliff reminds us that we are not to fear this Christmas.

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